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This park is designed in particular for value added tertiary businesses, high tech, medical and training businesses as well as companies committed to high environmental quality ( ISO14001).

Situated on the territory of Norroy-the-Veneur, at the foot of the Moselle hills, the Ecopark is pursuing a dual objective:

  • to offer companies a functional, landscaped area equipped with high technology
  • to offer a leisure area for employees and the local population (wooded area, pedestrian paths, cycle paths etc)
Particular care has been taken in the development of the area (parkland, lighting, works of arts…) and in the equipment (broad band, gas…).

There are 78 hectares which will be progressively developed of which 33 hectares will be offered to companies for purchase.
The first stage of development started in January 2005 allowing the sale of 10 000 m². It is estimated that the development work will take five years in all. The price of plots is 30,50 € excluding VAT/ m² net of a contribution by the community of 10,16 €

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Economic development department

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  • Ouahiba Bessioud
  • Manager in charge
  • +33 3 87 51 40 53
    • 1 place de la Gare - CS 40303
    • 57280 Maizières-les-Metz
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    Le pôle « Développement économique » est composé d’une Chargée de mission qui suit la commercialisation des bâtiments relais et de l’Hôtel d’entreprises et coordonne les prestataires de la Communauté de Communes (Société d’Economie Mixte chargée de l’aménagement et la commercialisation des parcs).
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