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Pole Eurotransit

The pole Eurotransit, is recognised as the biggest logistics park in the East of France covering a surface area of 520 hectares. As of today, (...)

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Les Jonquières

This sector, situated on the rural districts of Ennery and Argancy, combines forty, mainly industrial, logistics and trading companies. The park (...)

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Les Begnennes

Covering 10 hectares, it offers companies 7,8 hectares of developed land in a particularly pleasant landscaped area. The park is mainly set up (...)

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Velers Jacques

One of the oldest parks in the Group of Rural Districts of Maizières - lès - Metz. Total surface area of 5 hectares, the Jacques Velers business (...)

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Val Euromoselle Nord

Val Euromoselle North is 40 hectares, of which part has a rail link. Created at the start of the 90s, this industrial park is situated on the (...)

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Val Euromoselle South

Val Euromoselle South welcomes artisan, tertiary and commercial businesses on approximately 50 hectares. There are 75 companies set up on in the (...)

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Ecopark Val Euromoselle

The approach is one of High Environmental Quality which defines the construction of this business park. This park is designed in particular for (...)

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Artisan Park Val Euromoselle

The Group of Rural Districts of Maizières-lès-Metz decided to build a artisan park at Plesnois in order to meet the growing demand of local (...)

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