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Statutes and Functions

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The missions or functions of the Group of Rural Districts of Maizières-lès-Metz, which appear in its statutes are the following:

  • Economic development (creation and management of zones or business parks, creation and management of buildings,
  • Community development (creation of agreed development zones, preparation of an overall territorial development plan, etc.),
  • Housing policy and living environment,
  • The collection and processing of household waste and tips management ,
  • Water and waste water services,
  • Tourism and leisure development policy (creation of cycle paths),
  • Construction and maintenance of retirement homes,
  • Salting and sweeping of communal roads,
  • The study and realization of all inter communal projects are requested by at least two rural districts.
Dernière mise à jour de ces informations : 4 November 2011


Group of Rural Districts’ statutes November 2010 PDF - 404.8 kb